[E3-hacking] Sound driver. Cliff help please :)

Mark Underwood basicmark at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 10 19:22:27 BST 2006


I'm trying to write a sound driver for the E3 under Linux-2.6 and would really appreciate any help
you would be willing to offer.
I can see by probing the board that the Voice Codec (VC) is sending 16 bits of data (from the mic)
to the modem on timeslot0. The PCM clock is just over 2MHz which would give you 16 x 16bit
timeslots. I'm assuming that data is sent from the modem to the VC (for the speaker) on timeslot0
as well, although I haven't confirmed that.

I have looked for a datasheet on the VC but can only find a datasheet which gives a general
overview of the 3 chips that makeup the modem, which doesn't tell me the PCM configuration for

If you have such a datasheet for the VC could you please send it to me :)

Also, if you wouldn't mind, could you send the setup of the McBSP to talk to the VC as I'm having
trouble trying to work it out (without any schematics, etc).



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