[E3-hacking] GPE update

David Given dg at cowlark.com
Tue Apr 4 22:07:15 BST 2006

Well, I have GPE up and running now. And the verdict is... oh, dear...

The good news is that GPE will *just* start in 32MB of RAM. The bad news is
that trying to actually do anything results in the system chugging badly,
as Linux frantically discards text pages and reloads them over USB, and
ultimately crashes.

I tried giving it some swap, again over USB, and it didn't crash any more
--- but it's awfully sluggish... you wouldn't want to use it in real life.
The most expensive app was, as you might expect, Mozilla Minimo which idled
at about 6MB. Embarrassingly, the Watch app, which draws an antialiased
clock face on the screen, can only update the second hand about once every
two seconds.

The good news is that I suspect this was extensively stress testing the
kernel, especially the USB subsystem, and it's all fine! (Although the
screen colours are screwed up due to 444/545 mismatch.)

I should give Opie a try to see if it's any better.

Would anyone be interested in the kernel.conf and filesystem patch I used
to get it running?

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