[E3-hacking] OpenEmbedded and the E3

David Ford e3 at slarti.org.uk
Sat Apr 1 22:51:16 BST 2006

On Sat, Apr 01, 2006 at 02:33:45PM +0100, David Ford wrote:
> I've also had a quick look at getting OPIE working, and have got it
> building, however the colours don't work properly. It certainly gets as
> far as the calibration screen though.

I've updated the patch on http://hu.gs/pub/E3 to include an initial
patch to solve the LCD colour issues with QT embedded, so that OPIE now
works. There are photos there of the Opie calibration page, and the main
screen (I haven't yet managed to locate a USB hub, so can't tell for
certain whether the mouse works in this yet!, as I'm running OPIE from
USB memory stick).

The LCD patch probably will want reworking later, as all it currently
does is to modify the 16-bit mode to restrict it to the 12-bit setting
the E3 uses, we should probably separate 12-bit mode out eventually,
however this patch serves for testing.


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