[E3-hacking] [E2 hacking] E2 monitor v0.22

Adam Coventry ascoventry at yahoo.co.uk
Wed May 25 19:00:44 BST 2005


I have been lurking here for a little while and
finally  bought an E2 from ebay about a month ago
(followed by a much cheaper one from a car boot

I was very happy when I got pblq to work with my level
shifter but unfortunately lost my splash screen (no
big deal) when I tried out the Hello World example.

Tonight I thought I'd try the monitor program because
I liked the idea of browsing the NAND 'live' rather
than downloading.

Unfortunately, on downloading my monitor.pbl using
pblq it looks as if my pbl has been trashed i.e. the
E2 boots straight into the monitor's LCD debug console
without the flashing lights of the pbl.
Incidentally, I used "pblq writeflash monitor.pbl 0".

is this a one-way trip for this E2 i.e. Monitor-only -
no pbl possible, or is there some other path?
(I mean via the ext port rather than JTAG)

Another mistake was that my 115200 is a little flaky
and I meant to see if I could drop the monitor
terminal speed a little before loading it. I guess its
all good experience!

NB: still one untouched E2 to play with!


--- Matt Evans <matt at axio.ms> wrote:

> Hello,
> I've uploaded the state-so-far of my monitor to:
> http://www.axio.ms/projects/e2/e2-monitor-0.22.tgz
> (the README from the tar is also at 
> )
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