[E3-hacking] Re: E3 status

Jonathan McDowell noodles at earth.li
Tue May 17 16:15:59 BST 2005

[This probably makes sense on the mailing list instead]

On Tue, May 17, 2005 at 03:34:05PM +0100, Rahim Nathwani wrote:
> It's a shame I can't find a UK supplier of IAX2 handsets.  How's your
> E3 hacking going? :)

I haven't really done anything recently, at least since getting shell
access without having to take it apart. I compiled up a 2.6 kernel that
I'd hoped might half work but flashing is a real pain. At some point I
plan to add kernel boot support to pbltool using the store/jump codes
Jake was talking about, but I've had plenty of other things on.

Ideally I'd like 2.6 support, but 2.4 would be a good start if it had
jffs2 enabled - the device at present just has a read only cramfs
partition. Something writable would be much nicer and would make running
OpenEmbedded quite easy.


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