[E3-hacking] E3 - can a daily reset keep video functionality free?

Rahim Nathwani e3-hacking@earth.li
Wed, 30 Mar 2005 23:30:21 +0100

I know this may be slightly off-topic but, having read a few articles about
this beast (along with a few posts on this list, which I found just a few
minutes ago), it seems like the E3 would be a really nice device to have
around as long as it could be kept functional for voice/video without making
non-geographic calls at night.

Am I right in thinking one could do something like the below?

1) Buy an E3 (duh!).
2) Plug the E3 into an Orchid dialler (LCR box), configured to block any
calls not to 01/02 numbers.
3) Use the phone until the lack of a connection to Amstrad, Thus or whoever
means that it stops.
4) Reset it.*

* I've seen a procedure for resetting the E2, but not the E3.  Is there one?