[E3-hacking] previous amstrad emailer

e3-hacking@earth.li e3-hacking@earth.li
Thu, 24 Mar 2005 10:53:56 +0000

I haven't got an e3 yet, but since they've just come down in price I
might get a pair. However, I do have a couple of the previous versions
of the emailer which I just use as normal phones. I did have a bit
of a look at the emailer to stop it having to dial up to premium
rate numbers which annoyed me a bit.

What I did was configure the emailer to dial another modem instead
of the premium rate number by using a cheap 4 port pbx. This, as
someone else mentioned dials up and authenticates via CHAP. By
prompting the emailer for authentication, I learned its username
and password. You then see the amstrad try to connect to various
servers and request configuration files over HTTP amongst other
things. I configured my box to respond to all IP addresses and
learnt what it was requesting. You could then use the above info
to request the config files from the real server.

If you look in the retrieved gamma_a_live.config you see things
like redial intervals, next advert collect time and stuff
that you can alter to more reasonable values and feed to the
emailer. I never registered the second emailer at all and it
works fine.

Interestingly, the previous version had a config option:
so I presume the process is very similar, if not identical for the e3.