[E3-hacking] PBL & running arbitrary code

David Given e3-hacking@earth.li
Sat, 12 Mar 2005 00:22:43 +0000

On Fri, 2005-03-11 at 23:32 +0000, David Given wrote:
> (I've tried registering, booting the thing with the phone line plugged
> in, booting the thing with various interesting buttons pressed, booting
> the thing without the handset, without the keyboard, etc. The only thing
> I've discovered is that without a dial tone, it'll go into attract mode
> after a minute or so.)

Okay, one last piece of spam and I'm off to bed.

I've disassembled my E2, down to the motherboard. (Which is suprisingly
small and elegant, and the JTAG pin pads are suprisingly small and
difficult to solder to...) My E2 is almost exactly the same as the one
Ralph describes, except mine has a Conexant 20437 speech codec, a
mysterious Conexant SCPLT L9403-11 that I haven't been able to identify
--- and no SMC card adaptor. It's just missing. The slot in the side of
the case is there, which feeds the card into the brainbox, but there's
nothing to receive it. USB it is, then.

I was actually looking for a diagnostic switch or jumper of some kind,
but there wasn't one. I tried booting the motherboard bare, with no
peripherals; no joy.

(Yes, I had some screws left over when I reassembled it. And yes, it
still works...)

This any help to anyone?

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