[E3-hacking] Making life easy for you

en4rab en4rab at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 22 06:24:46 BST 2005

Just to add my 2 pence worth to the discussion, yes i would be
interested in an open E3 emailer, but not in a tin as was suggested but
just an E3 that is open for more development.
I initally bought an E2 on impulse because i needed an arm based device
to test a homemade jtag lead on and to learn more about jtag debugging
and what it could do. 
I did have an idea that it might be an interesting device to play with
but i lack the skills to make it do anything usefull.
But the ideas i had are still there and the E3 has the hardware to do
I would love to have an open E3 sitting on my desk next to my PC which I
could use as both a phone/answering machine for my regular landline, but
also be connected via a USB network adapter (be it ethernet or wireless)
so it could be a news feed display, an IM client, it would be fantastic
if it would run aMSN (an open source MSN messenger client with audio and
video support, i think amsn supports video now), its a shame skype isnt
open source too :)
The other things it would be nice to have would be to have it check my
email, or be a pretty and accurate clock with an ntp daemon, or any one
of a hundred other usefull things a little desktop linux phone could do.
It might even be able to replace my ugly dell dimension smoothwall box
For me it is the current form factor that makes the E3 so attractive, I
have plenty of metal tins, but none that I would want to make a
phonecall on or have sitting on my desktop.
That is the ideas I had about the emailer.
As it was I was successfull in my jtag experiments (although the
homemade wigggler seemed a little flaky) and I put the E2 in the
cupboard untill the developments with pblq and the boot monitor stirred
my interest again.

Oh and a note on security since you said you were plannign on
implimenting signed updates and such like, you might want to consider
epoxy on the nor flash chips pins, as you would be surprised how many
people can remove and refit TSOP's with cheap gas cat or solderpro
butane powered soldering irons, and keep the jtag port unconnected, it
took me about 10 mins to find and verify the port on the E2, and about 8
hours to dump the bootloader a byte at a time lol

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