[E3-hacking] Making life easy for you

jasmine at electronpusher.org jasmine at electronpusher.org
Thu Jun 16 12:47:58 BST 2005

On Thu, 16 Jun 2005, Cliff Lawson wrote:

> To be clear this (probably) wouldn't be in the style of an E3. We'd probably
> ditch a lot of the "telephone" gubbins. It'd basically be a box (maybe
> pressed steel or something) with an E3 board at the heart (maybe with modem
> section depopulated) and the LCD/backlight module fitted into the "roof" - a

That sounds very similar to the TI OMAP-TEB and EVM platforms...

> think we probably would put a JTAG header on it for those interested in such
> things (though maybe this isn't such a necessity now that Linux is ported)

It'd be nice to have a header for the ETM9 pins too, even though they 
don't work very well on the 5910, and of course they're shared with the 
camera.  Will the camera disappear?  And is there any chance of getting at 
McBSPs?  I'd like to add multiple audio inputs and outputs (and USB isn't 
really up to it.)  I could do this on an add-on card of my own doing if I 
had McBSP access.

I'd definitely buy one of these, maybe more than one.  It's just the ease 
of hackery that's stopped me buying an E3.

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