[E3-hacking] Making life easy for you

Cliff Lawson clawson at amstrad.com
Thu Jun 16 09:23:54 BST 2005

But the board we have working (as anyone who's "broken in" to an E3 will
know) is the 5910. We're not going to make a board specially for this but
will simply re-use E3 boards but will probably go the trouble of making some
form of case to house the board and the display.


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> Hi Cliff,
> On Wed, 15 Jun 2005, Cliff wrote:
> > You'd basically get an OMAP 5910 board
> > (150MHz ARM925T + 150MHz C55x DSP)
> ...this is a shame.  Couldn't we have a newer OMAP?  Even 
> 1623, with its 
> stacked DDR part, would be a major improvement over 5910.
> 2420 would, of course, be a killer part :-)
> -J.,
> ex-TI
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