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Cliff Lawson clawson at amstrad.com
Mon Jul 11 11:11:36 BST 2005

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> From: Matt Evans [mailto:matt at axio.ms]
> Will start having a look at LDR;  am intrigued by the "Linux start-up 
> params (Any key to edit)" line, and want to see if this is 
> telling the 
> truth (i.e. the params could be edited without requiring a PARMS 
> reflash).

Matt just to save you a little time:

	DSI_printf("Linux start-up params (Any key to edit)\r\n");

	// Lets start by letting the user  Edit this command line
	// edited=getcmd(startup_string,sizeof(startup_string),0x00346000);

	while(*cmd_line!='\0' && *cmd_line!=' ' && *cmd_line!='\t')
			cmd_line++; 	// find end of first string

The fact is that the fact you see that message is simply an error from an
older version of LDR where we used to make it easy for ourselves to be able
to manually change the PARMS. The call to getcmd() (but unfortunatelly not
the printf() ) in the source is now commented so there's no way it's going
to be of any use to you. I'm sure a disassembly will confirm that the next
thing after that printf() is the code for the "cmd_line=startup_string;"


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