[E3-hacking] DC adaptor?

David Given dg at cowlark.com
Sun Jul 3 00:09:29 BST 2005

On Saturday 02 July 2005 05:03, en4rab wrote:
> Unless there has been a radical redesign of the E2 your adapter for the
> E2 should be a blue Amstrad branded adapter marked OUTPUT: DC 28V 280mA
> Mine is marked Model No: PSU-EM2001A-UK

Yup, found it. It wasn't *in* the Big Box of DC adaptors, of course... (and my 
one is black).

Now I've discovered that my TTL line level converter board seems to have died. 
Given that I had endless grief getting this to work in the first place, does 
anyone know where I can get a ready-made converter that comes in, like, a 
box? I know that the radio HAM community uses these things a lot, so they 
might be a good source --- any suggestions?

"Curses! Foiled by the chilled dairy treats of righteousness!" --- Earthworm 
Jim (evil)
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