[E3-hacking] E3 Software Unready When E3 Launched.

Ralph Corderoy e3-hacking@earth.li
Tue, 22 Feb 2005 15:51:38 +0000


People are probably getting fed up with me posting on this list but I
thought some of Sir Alan Sugar comments in Amstrad's interim trading
statement were worthy of another post.


    Amstrad or Emailers in the news

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    may be of interest. Oldest first.


    * 2005-02-17 Amstrad [9]press release announces an interim statement
    for the six months ending 2004-12-31. Initial E3 sales have been
    low, but it was launched lacking full functionality because the
    software wasn't ready. Once new software is available various
    initiatives are planned to stimulate sales. In the short term, the
    software will allow pictures to be retrieved and displayed from
    digital cameras, and sent by email. Also planned, is the ability to
    run the unit on an ADSL line. A PDF of the full preliminary
    announcement is available from the press release.

    9. http://www.amstrad.com/news_latest.html