[E3-hacking] Re: e3 , perhaps strange question...

Phil phil at seaforn.dircon.co.uk
Thu Dec 1 20:49:56 GMT 2005


Tried a different serial convertor and got this ( shown below).
It does not get as far as your example John, and the PARAM's shows some
differences. Is the example you give from a modified flash?

In anycase, would you please post the params mod for the "init=/bin/sh" so
I can a feel for the inside of this box.



--cut here--
Amstrad Delta - PBL V4.9 Build:1311 Assert Debug ICE

System module loader - LDR V1.5 Build:0008 Assert
Mod scan 10010100 to 10230100
MEM - 10024000 (flash 00404000)
PARMS - 10024400 (flash 00404400)
LDR - 10024800 (flash 00404800)
PARMS - 10034400 (flash 00414400)
LINUX - 10044000 (flash 00424000)
LINUX - 10144000 (flash 00524000)
num modules: 6
checking LDR V1 at 10024800, alive=0, load=10002000
checking LINUX V1 at 10044000, alive=0, load=11800000
checking LINUX V4 at 10144000, alive=0, load=11800000
two modules called LINUX
checking MEM V1 at 10024000, alive=0, load=11F00000
checking PARMS V1 at 10024400, alive=0, load=11900000
checking PARMS V2 at 10034400, alive=0, load=11900000
two modules called PARMS
6 Modules processed, 6 are valid
LDR thinks global number for them is 4
Found mod <LINUX> V=4 at 10144000
Found mod <PARMS> V=2 at 10034400
Linux command line module (PARMS) found at 10034400
INITRD Not found
Linux start-up params (Any key to edit)
Found mod <LINUX> V=4 at 10144000
Linux........................................................ done, booting the kernel.

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