[cgi-wiki-dev] New Wiki::Toolkit

Dominic Hargreaves dom at earth.li
Wed Dec 24 21:04:56 GMT 2008

I've just release Wiki::Toolkit 0.77, containing some changes which have
lingered in SVN for far too long:

0.77    24 December 2008
        Complete support for store->list_metadata_by_type, which
          returns a list of all the metadata values
        Add store->list_metadata_names, which will tell you all the
          different metadata types (names)
        write_node: return the version of the node that was just committed,
        if successful
        Don't write out a new version of a node if the checksum is the
        same as the one already stored (#43)
        t/400_upgrade.t: skip all tests correctly if no backends
        configured (#44)
        Configure charset correctly when passing in an existing $dbh (#24)

Available on CPAN and


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