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Dominic Hargreaves dom at earth.li
Thu Jul 3 00:07:05 BST 2008

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On Thu, Jun 26, 2008 at 09:34:17PM +0100, Kake L Pugh wrote:
> On Thu 26 Jun 2008, Kake L Pugh <kake at earth.li> wrote:
> > I suspect that I have at last found out the thing that makes
> > OpenGuides take people's servers over.  It's the per-user RSS feeds,
> > which are usually linked from e.g.
> >   http://cambridge.openguides.org/wiki/?username=Kake;action=userstats
> > 
> > [...]
> > 
> > The root problem is with the _find_recent_changed_by_criteria method
> > in Wiki::Toolkit::Store::Database, specifically the "metadata_wasnt"
> > parameter in combination with the "limit" one.  I am working on a
> > rewrite of this method to make it more efficient, but this is going to
> > require some thinking and hence some time.
> Having discovered that there's no real reason for the RSS feeds to use
> metadata_wasnt rather than metadata_was, I've circumvented the problem
> for now by switching the code in Wiki::Toolkit::Feed::Listing to use
> metadata_was.  All tests still pass, and I've used RGL's latest
> database dump to confirm that the per-user RSS feeds are no longer so
> horribly inefficient.
> This change has been added to Wiki::Toolkit svn; no changes to
> OpenGuides were needed.

Thanks for this - I'll try and accelerate my pending changes and then
roll a Wiki::Toolkit release.


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