[cgi-wiki-dev] Testing schema upgrade 9->10: help wanted!

Dominic Hargreaves dom at earth.li
Sun Jun 22 13:36:22 BST 2008

Current subversion of Wiki::Toolkit includes my proposed schema 10
version changes. The changes themselves aren't large, but I've also
rearranged code to enable unit testing of schema upgrades.

This ought to mean that there's less of a need to hassle people to try
upgrades, but nonetheless I'd be grateful if people could test the
upgrade to the SVN version (backup your database, or do the test on a
development snapshot of your database!)

Let me know which database you've run the test on and whether you ran
into any problems.

I would like to release a version with this schema ASAP (this weekend
hopefully) in order to catch the freeze of library packages for Debian.


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