[cgi-wiki-dev] Recent Changes addition - finding new pages

Kake L Pugh kake at earth.li
Sun Apr 13 16:06:41 BST 2008

I've just added the "new_only" parameter to ->list_recent_changes, to
let you ask for e.g. all pages added in the last week (as opposed to
all pages edited in the past week).  This involved a bit of a rewrite
of ->list_recent_changes, and I'm not convinced that the test suite
covered everything that it should have, so I may have introduced bugs.

This change is in svn.  I'd really appreciate it if people could check
the svn versions out and run the tests, particularly if you have
multiple backends to test on (SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Plucene,
Search::InvertedIndex, etc).

  svn co https://urchin.earth.li/svn/wiki-toolkit/wiki-toolkit/trunk


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