[cgi-wiki-dev] How does Backlink works

Kake L Pugh kake at earth.li
Fri Dec 28 17:37:06 GMT 2007

On Fri 28 Dec 2007, abhishek jain <abhishek.netjain at gmail.com> wrote:
> Now i am having problem understanding how backlink list_backlinks function
> works, i mean what i have to write in page for the code to automatically
> detect it as a link and that this link links to this particular node.

I don't understand the question, I'm afraid.  Can you show us the code
you're using and explain what's happening at the moment and what you'd
prefer to be happening?

> Also i am using formatter as UseMod and am finding it is replacing eg. <
> with the &gt; i mean it should not replace it i want to display HTML and not
> the character < or > .

You need to specify which HTML tags are allowed when you instantiate
the formatter object:

  my $formatter = Wiki::Toolkit::Formatter::UseMod->new(
                      allowed_tags        => [qw(b i)],

Any tags other than the ones mentioned there will be escaped.


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