[cgi-wiki-dev] [earle@downlode.org: Wiki::Toolkit metadata patch]

Nick Burch cgi-wiki at gagravarr.org
Sun Nov 19 12:45:07 GMT 2006

On Sat, 18 Nov 2006, Dominic Hargreaves wrote:
> You're probably more familiar with Wiki::Toolkit than me at this point.. 
> does this look sane?

I had to spend 5 minutes checking we didn't already have it under another 
name, as I was sure we should do!

Several snags. As Christopher has already mentioned, we try to avoid 
having Toolkit.pm do database stuff directly. So, we'll want to split it 
into a very simple bit in Toolkit.pm, and put the db stuff in 

Next, it doesn't take account of moderation, or latest versions, so you'll 
get old categories, categories from spam entries etc. Fixing this will be 
a little trickier, since we don't want to have to compute the latest 
moderated version for every metadata row, just once per node.

Finally, we'll want a test or two for it

I've created a ticket for it, and we can have a bash at this at the hack 


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