[cgi-wiki-dev] Ping Plugin

Nick Burch cgi-wiki at gagravarr.org
Sat Nov 11 17:58:54 GMT 2006

Hi All

I've written a post_write plugin for Wiki::Toolkit, 
Wiki::Toolkit::Plugin::Ping . When you create one, you tell it how to turn 
a node name into a URL (via the node_name_url parameter), and you give it 
a list of services to "ping" on node write (via the services parameter)

When registered, Wiki::Toolkit will call the post_write method when a node 
has been written, and it'll go off and notify the various services (eg 
pingerati, geourl), all in the background.

It's in SVN, but not on cpan or anything like that. Can someone with cpan 
rights sort that?


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