[cgi-wiki-dev] Fwd: Re: Wiki::Toolkit database question

Phillip Karlsson phillip at dumbrellahosting.com
Tue May 16 19:08:35 BST 2006


What follows is a question I asked Dominic, he suggested that I 
forward my question, along with his responses, on to the list.

At the bottom, I list the two changes which would make this a really 
useful tool for me to use.

>  > Background:
>>  I run a hosting service for high-traffic webcomics.  Currently
>>  goats.com and reallifecomics.com are using my stuff.  Short version
>>  is that I have a large backend of perl code that I use to make
>>  functionality available to them by letting them only have to
>>  configure a few variables.
>>  I'm setting something up to allow them to put wikis on their sites
>>  just by setting a the base_path they want the wiki to live at.  I
>>  started implementing a lot of this myself, using Text::Wikiformat and
>>  then writing all the storage/insert/update/etc myself, but looking at
>>  all the improvements in Wiki::Toolkit I'm wondering if I can use this
>>  instead.
>>  The problem is that these wikis need to use one set of tables, based
>>  on a central "wiki" table that specifies which nodes belong to which
>>  wiki/site.
>>  Specific Question:
>>  In your opinion, is Wiki::Toolkit flexible enough that I could use it
>>  to enable this?
>It's not quite there but this shouldn't be hard to add and would be
>>  My current thought are to create a class that inherits from
>>  Wiki::Toolkit to allow me to know which wiki I'm referring to, and
>>  then to create my own backend type that would use that information to
>>  know which tables to select from.
>>  However, it appears that a lot of the SQL is very intermixed with
>>  logic (in Wiki::Toolkit::Store::Database), which means that I would
>>  end up cut and pasting a lot of that into the functions I overrode,
>>  thus diminishing the returns from using Wiki::Toolkit in the first
>>  place.
>>  So I guess my questions are:
>>   - am I completely insane for thinking that this would be useful to
>>  me instead of just rewriting a lot of it?
>It sounds like a sane idea to me. It's what Wiki::Toolkit is for, after
>all :)
>>   - and are their plans, as part of the current rewrite, to abstract
>>  out the SQL calls more from the logic? (I didn't see anything along
>>  these lines on the site)
>We don't have any particular plans to restructure the code at this stage
>although once we've settle down from our recent naming and schema
>overhaul it could be considered. However, Wiki::Toolkit is in itself an
>abstraction layer and it should be possible for it to be generally
>useful with the interfaces it gives you. If there are bits missing then
>we need to add them :)
>If I understand you, you just need a way to add an extra wiki name
>identifier (be that a URL, or short name, or whatever) and then be able
>to name that in Wiki::Toolkit operations. This should be easy to add to
>the core I think and would be generally useful to be able to run multiple
>wikis on a single Wiki::Toolkit table, rather than subclassing. In
>terms of implementation I think we'd just need to have an optional
>"wiki_id" parameter to Wiki::Toolkit calls, which used an corresponding
>database column.

Here are the two changes I think would need to be made to make this 
relatively simple:
  - make it easier for the Wiki::Toolkit tables to be integrated into 
a larger database by allowing an optional "table prefix" of some kind 
to be specified.  This allows it to use a user-configured namespace 
for its tables, preventing conflicts with other stuff (such as tables 
called "content").  Also, it creates one option for allowing multiple 
wikis within a single database/application/whatever.

  - follow Dominic's suggestion to use a wiki_id parameter to know 
which wiki a node "belongs" to.  This would require altering a lot of 
sql calls, but since (it seems) all the other tables are keyed into 
the node_id of a node, it should (hopefully) be fairly 
straightforward.  The internal_links table may also need to be 
altered somehow.

In my case, I would create a wiki table that would identify the site 
and "base_url" for a wiki, and then use that wiki_id to find nodes.

I'm happy to help make these (or other suggested) changes, but I'm 
new to the community, so suggestions on how to go about doing that 
are welcome.


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