[cgi-wiki-dev] Wiki::Toolkit goes live

Dominic Hargreaves dom at earth.li
Fri Apr 28 11:40:42 BST 2006

I've released the first (announced) developer version of
Wiki::Toolkit. It's available from CPAN or


I've also released Wiki::Toolkit::Formatter::Usemod:


Other associated modules will be forthcoming, although some of
them may be refactored first.

Help in testing this release would be greatly appreciated. I will
release a testing version of OpenGuides that uses this new module before
too long, but in the meantime independent tests (and tests by others
using CGI::Wiki/Wiki::Toolkit would be most useful. In particular, we
are very interested in the database schema upgrade functionality. At
this stage you should consider this functionality unstable and prone to
change and not suitable for use on production data but success/failure
reports on copies of the database would be most appreciated.

Thanks to Nick for the bulk of the new code included in this release.

Here, for reference, is the full changelog from the last released
version of CGI::Wiki:

0.69_02 27 April 2006
        Add missing new file lib/Wiki/Toolkit/Setup/Database.pm to

0.69_01 23 April 2006
        *** IMPORTANT NOTICE *** This release introduces a new database schema
        which should be considered beta in nature at this stage. It is not yet
        suitable for deployment on production data and should only be tested
        on copies of your production data. If it eats your data, you get to
        keep the pieces. Additionally, functionality exposed in this beta
        release is subject to change.

        Rename to Wiki::Toolkit.
        Support for moderation on a per-node basis.
        Update to the database schema: added needs_moderation column to
         node, and moderated column to content
        You will need to run wiki-toolkit-setupdb to upgrade your database

                Many more plugin points: pre_write + pre_retrieve (get to change
                 the data), pre_moderate + post_moderate, pre_rename + post_rena
                 + post_delete. See test 150 for examples, and the perldoc of
                 Wiki::Toolkit::Plugin for a description.

        Merge Wiki::Toolkit::Formatter::Multiple:
        0.02    15 September 2004
                Applied patch from Tom Insam to fix bug with 

        0.01    22 September 2003
                Initial release.

0.69    22 February 2006
        Update to database schema: added an ID column to node, and changed
          the content + metadata tables to FK to the ID field, rather than
          the node name. Also added rails like schema_info table, to hold
          the current database schema version number
        You will need to run cgi-wiki-setupdb to upgrade your database



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