[cgi-wiki-dev] More Plugin Points

Nick Burch cgi-wiki at gagravarr.org
Thu Mar 23 16:43:22 GMT 2006

On Thu, 16 Mar 2006, IvorW wrote:
> Does this mean you've implemented my AutoPlugin idea? I'm quite excited :D.
> http://www.earth.li/pipermail/cgi-wiki-dev/2005q4/000226.html

OK, I've done a bit more, based on your idea.

You can now have pre_retrieve and pre_write plugins. These are passed 
their parameters by reference (the other plugins get it by value), so you 
can tweak stuff before it gets into the normal retrieve/write code.

There's no way yet for plugins to deny a read/write. Anyone got any 
thoughts on how this should be done, on both the plugin side (indicating 
a deny) and the Store side (what to return if a deny happens)?

Dom - while I think, are you going to set up the Trac for cgi-wiki on 
urchin, or shall I sling it on a Torchbox server?

Now, what's next on the cgi-wiki todo.... :)


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