[cgi-wiki-dev] Formatter::Pod and line endings

Kake L Pugh cgi-wiki-dev@earth.li
Thu, 16 Dec 2004 08:51:57 +0000

On Fri 29 Oct 2004, Tom Insam <tinsam@fotango.com> wrote:
> Whilst re-hosting the Wiki::Toolkit development wiki (it's now at 
> http://movieos.org/wiki-toolkit/) we discovered that 
> CGI::Wiki::Formatter::Pod requires the line-endings of the thing it's 
> formatting to be unix-style. This wasn't a problem till I started 
> pointing Safari at it - you're clearly all firefox users - but would be 
> under 'normal' usage.

As promised last night, I looked at this again this morning, but I'd
just like to make sure we're fixing the right problem and all the
right problems.

I have this feeling in the back of my mind that I read somewhere that
the CGI standard is to use the "\r\n" line ending, and I have snippets
in various bits of my code that seem to back this up.  Anyone know if
this is actually so?

I also realise that I'm not clear on how the problem is manifesting
itself for you.  Could you give more details please?