[cgi-wiki-dev] The grand rename...

Martin@Cleaver.org cgi-wiki-dev@earth.li
Tue, 26 Oct 2004 13:34:29 +0100

Just wondering when/if the grand rename is gonna occur?

from #openguides...

(12:06:27) MRJC: given that Kake said that CGI/Wiki.pm doesn't do any actual CGI

(12:06:48) MRJC: Wiki::Toolkit was the popular opinion
(12:07:09) MRJC: jerakeen?
(12:43:42) jerakeen: yo
(12:44:09) jerakeen: I was very free last weekend...
(12:44:13) MRJC: the grand rename?
(12:44:18) MRJC: so was I
(12:44:48) MRJC: historical fact: not a lot of use apart from lessons learnt
(12:45:37) MRJC: :)
(12:51:36) MRJC: so next weekend, you are busy?
(13:10:11) jerakeen: basically, short-term, I have no time at all.
(13:10:22) jerakeen: long term, I can't plan for because my life is
completely stuffed.
(13:10:28) jerakeen: this is annoying.
(13:10:56) MRJC: well, can you tell us your position, so we can
proceed knowing what you want?
(13:11:32) MRJC: actually, I have very little knowledge of Cgi::Wiki,
so it would be down to Kake et al.
(13:11:39) MRJC: to interpret what you say.
(13:11:41) jerakeen: yep. i want an oop way of dealing with the wiki
and it's nodes.
(13:12:08) jerakeen: there are 2 objectives. Rename CGI::Wiki, and make it nice.
(13:12:16) jerakeen: They're completely independant, frankly.
(13:12:32) MRJC: ok, can we do them separately then? 
(13:12:39) jerakeen: justin's opinion is that we should leave
CGI::Wiki as it is, and Wiki::Toolkit should be a new thing that wraps
it and provides an oop interface
(13:13:05) jerakeen: this is a very compelling argument, but I'm
nervous of it because nowadays I prefer incremental work over
rebuilding things
(13:13:13) MRJC: sounds sensible. the skin and fillet approach.
(13:13:43) jerakeen: but, ok, proposal, we make Wiki::Toolkit quite a
thin layer of OOP stuff on top of CGI::Wiki, at least initially.
(13:13:56) MRJC: eventually the fillet ends up in Wiki::Toolkit
(13:14:20) MRJC: working towards CGI::Wiki becoming the empty shell
(13:14:30) jerakeen: then we can do two things simultaneously - we can
port all the old CGI::Wiki-using things over to using the new
interface, and we can refactor the innards to remove the CGI::Wiki
(13:14:35) jerakeen: yep
(13:15:03) jerakeen: just make sure you get the API right when you design it.
(13:15:29) MRJC: who else do we need to get agreement from on this? Kake, Earle?
(13:15:55) jerakeen: make sure Dom is happy too.
(13:16:05) jerakeen: Don't know who else. Send mail to cgi-wiki-dev

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