[cgi-wiki-dev] Formatters reorg

Kake L Pugh cgi-wiki-dev@earth.li
Thu, 30 Sep 2004 15:56:24 +0100

On Sep 30, 2004, at 14:51, Kake L Pugh wrote:
>> You know, I am going to have great trouble remembering which way round
>> these are; and it's also not going to be at all obvious to someone
>> seeing it for the first time.

On Thu 30 Sep 2004, Tom Insam <tom@jerakeen.org> wrote:
> So you can look in the Formatter::HTML::* modules using
> Module::Pluggable or something.
> Anyway, ideally, you'd use some meta-api like 
> Formatter->from("POD")->to("HTML")->format($pod) and not need to worry 
> about sub-modules...

So the idea is that you're very rarely likely to use these modules directly?
(Unless you're the Formatter.pm maintainer of course.)