[cgi-wiki-dev] SQLite Backend

Naved, Masroor cgi-wiki-dev@earth.li
Fri, 7 Nov 2003 11:43:01 -0500

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> Blimey.  ->write_node should not fail silently.  The perldoc says:
>   Returns 1 on success, 0 on conflict, croaks on error.
> If it's not doing that for you then that's a bug.  Can you 
> send me either as small a test case as possible or failing 
> that all your code.

My mistake, I was not checking the returned value from write_node. I thought
it would throw an error in the Apache error log. 

> I am wondering if it should do so.  It'd mean an extra 
> preliminary database call (to check table existence) every 
> time you tried to write a node, which would increase load.  
> Also if you typoed the database name you wouldn't be hitting 
> the database you expected - which would be a right pain in 
> the case of SQLite since it'd just create you a new database 
> file and then you'd be wondering where all your data went.
> Opinions on that please.

After looking around I found CGI::Wiki::Setup::SQLite module. Because of my
newness with Perl and the CPAN I thought all needed modules and/or related
modules would be listed in the webpage of CGI::Wiki at the cpan site, after
finding the setup functions, it was smooth sailing. :)

> The pointer to cgi-wiki-createdb is in INSTALL :)  Should it 
> be more prominent, or did you just forget to read that file?  
> There's a *lot* of info in there.  Maybe it should be in 
> README too - would that have helped?

I used the command 'perl -MCPAN -e shell' to start a CPAN prompt and just
did a 'install CGI::Wiki'; I never knew that there was a INSTALL doc to look
at. I thought that the document on the www.cpan.org site was the
INSTALL/README file, I guess I was wrong about that.

> Oh, relating to this, Tom - do you want to take out the 
> 'dbuser' requirement in CGI::Wiki::Kwiki and make a new 
> release?  I keep having to put dbuser => "thisisnotused" and 
> it's bugging me :)

I tried this after finding the CGI::Wiki::Setup::SQLite module, just in
case. It worked okay, I use the command without entering a username or
password, just a file path.

Thanks for the info and help.