[cgi-wiki-dev] Wiki::Toolkit

Kate L Pugh cgi-wiki-dev@earth.li
Thu, 9 Oct 2003 18:09:01 +0100

I've set up a wiki for us to make a start on brainstorming the
documentation for the proposed rewrite as Wiki::Toolkit.  It's
currently at


(but this will change.  Earle has registered the wiki-toolkit.org domain
 and Martin has offered to host the domain and hence the wiki.  Can you
 two figure out between you what still needs to be done there?)

In the meantime, please get stuck in to the docs on the wiki.  The
default formatter for discussion etc pages is UseMod, and the
documentation pages are done in POD.

If you want the wiki to be different in some way, or find something
broken in it, please let me know.

If this isn't what the people who were wanting a wiki for development
were actually wanting, then again let me know.

I don't plan to start programming yet; I want some consensus (via the
docs on the wiki) of what the API should be first.