Welcome to TFM's webpage of random gibberings

Please don't expect this webpage to contain useful stuff. I just thought I'd put all this junk on the web to add the the rest of the absolute rubbish out there... I guess it is possible that someone might actually find something useful here... but this would be by accident rather than design. Anyway if you're sitting comfortably letts begin.

Well everybody writes stupid little programs for this and that - I thought I'd post some junk code here - don't blame me if it destroys your data/hardware/brain... most of it is written by me - but some of it is probably based on other people's stuff - and some of that's probably not attributed to them oh well... if you still want to see this junk Click Here (don't click here if you are nasty and would sue me if it was you're stuff I accidentaly plagerised)

Years ago (and I really do mean years ago) I wrote a web page including a tutorial on talking to soundblaster cards and some assembler I wrote as a library for QBasic - I thought I'd put them back here - just for old time's sake! If you want to read my possibly totally wrong tutorial on writting code for soundblasters (and relive those memories of usermode programs which did hardware access using DMA and IO by hand) Click Here

Here's the first java program I wrote (except maybe a hello world :) It's a simple bat and ball applet... at the time I'd never seen a game on a webpage... Play it

There's some stuff here about the MOO Here

Stuff I'm going to do sometime or am curently doing, or started and can't be bothered to finish(yeah right - sure I'll ever get round to this)

I would put something here about how this site is still under construction - and how I will put something interesting here soon... but lets be honest everyone says that - and how many do anything about it? Well I'm not one of those people - this page is rubbish and its going to stay that way.

Hope you enjoyed your stay - TFM