Diary November 2001

Friday 30
Failed to wake up. Got to work at 10:30ish, had a long lunch, and left again at about 3:30. Failed to do any more Christmas shopping - it is not possible to buy a box of birthday cards at this time of year.
Thursday 29
Finished up adding ipv4 option support to sendip and fixed a large hole in the documentation.
Wednesday 28
Fixed another memory leak. Played with tabbed browsing in Mozilla. It is really rather nice especially once it is configured nicely.
Tuesday 27
Did some more xmas shopping. Spent most of the day at work chasing memory leaks (and bugs in the memory-leek-finding code. Added ipv4 option support to sendip
Monday 26
Spent the morning figuring out why our really fast jpeg compressor needed 2GB RAM to compress a 58MB JPEG. Spent the afternoon changing it to only need 1GB (which is actually reasonable - the uncompressed image needs around 200MB and yuo need at least 4 times that). Did some xmas shopping.
Sunday 25
All day band rehersal, to which I was late due to the M3 and M27 being carparks. Got home about 5:30ish too knackered to do anything even vaguely useful.
Saturday 24
Went up to Oxford for a game of frisbee in the afternoon, followed by a few pints and a rather nice meal.
Friday 23
More paperwork in the morning. GRRR. First patch to sendip arrived 10 minutes after last night's release. It makes it FHS compliant, apparently. This seems to involve moving the magic man page from /usr/man/man1 to /usr/share/man/man1. I'm not convinced I like this change, but who am I to argue with the wisdom of the FHS. It also fixes a trivial Makefile buglet that breaks iff /usr/bin doesn't exist.
Thursday 22
Spent the day trying to persuade our video server to talk to Windows Media Player. This first involved fixing the server which had got *very* upset due to an overheating RAID array. Still, got it going in the end. Released sendip-2.0.
Wednesday 21
Spent most of the morning doing paperwork, and most of the afternoon surfing the web. Found a very cool little "weblication&qout; that makes windows windows translucent. Not really very useful, but quite good fun. All-in-all, not a terribly productive day. Did some more sendip stuff, mostly playing with help2man.
Tuesday 20
Much the same as yesterday. Hacked sendip some more. 2.0 will be out by the end of the week, possibly.
Monday 19
Spent the day at work catching up with email backlog, and finishing off a few bits from the Italian job.
Sunday 18
All day band rehersal which meant I had to get up. Too knackered to do anything useful by the time I got home.
Saturday 17
Spent most of the day getting from Rome to home, and catching up on some of my email backlog.
Friday 16
Hang over time :( Got rid of it with rather a lot of fantastic Italian coffee for breakfast. Went in to work at about 10, and left about noon as one of my colleages was flying home. Spent the afternoon wondering around the middle of Rome running up a phone bill by keep phoning the magic number that tells you where you are and why it is famous. Managed to find a rather good restuarant for dinner, though not as good as last night. Then managed to find the way back to the hotel, though probably not by the quickest route. Packed.
Thursday 15
The metro was back in working order, so we made it in to work in plenty of time for our 10am meeting. The Italians wondered in at around 11:30. Went to a video conference with the customer in the afternoon, which started an hour late, and