Diary November 2000

NB This was not written at the time. Therefore it is incomplete, inaccurate and probably almost totally pointless. But ganesh keeps asking for it, so here it is

Monday 27 to Friday 1
Didn't leave work before 7pm any day. In before 9am every day, and before 8am some days. Therefore not terribly productive in between. Did a sendip release at some point though, I think.
Tuesday 21
Karting in Eastleigh. Total disaster, although we weren't quite last. The less said the better.
Monday 20 to Friday 24
On a course in Farnborough all week learning java. Bits of it were quite interesting. Watched Toy Story 2 on a 4k projector during (extended) lunch breaks. Much fun was had. Also muchly knackered.
Wednesday 8
IBM Linux SIG talk about Linux/390 (except it isn't called that). Very interesting it was too. I want an S390. Hmm.
Saturday 4
Recovered from last night enough to go to fireworks in ox. And come back agian.
Friday 3
Ox people came down to the Dolphin for food and beer. Also fireworks. Much alcohol consumed.

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