Diary October 2002

Monday 28
Cold almost gone. UPS finally arrived.
Sunday 27
Got out of bed just long enough to go see XXX. Very good film.
Saturday 26
The cold, having gone away all week, is back with a vengeance. Washed car. Regretted it.
Friday 25
Took the afternoon off to recover. Had a bloke come round to look at the lawn. He reckoned it would cost about 3 grand to fix. Ho hum.
Monday 21 - Thursday 24
On a course (ISEB Software Testing thing). Unfortunately, also trying to do my job, so working 12 hour days. Course was a complete waste of time anyway. Grr.
Sunday 20
Cold got worse rather than better. Didn't bother getting up until late afternoon. Played with Tommy again, watched TV, went back to bed.
Saturday 19
Got a bugger of a cold. Washed car. Attempted to get webcam working with no success at all. Played with housemate's Tommy AFX (slot cars). Fixed the extractor fan in the basement.
Friday 18
Fairly boring day, all things considered. Worked, ate, watched TV, went to band (got into a rather strange argument about what a double sharp means in a flat key), slept. Ho hum.
Thursday 17
Got another email from the RIPng guy saying all works. But it looks like the FreeBSD "sendto: Invalid argument" fix broke it an all the FreeBSD boxes it used to work on. AARGH!
Wednesday 16
Spent all day at work trying to make a shell script to find duplicate pieces of XML go faster. Got the estimated run time down from 40 years to 2 days, which can't be bad. Not what I'd call terribly exciting though. Sent somebody a patch to fix Sendip's ripng support, and got a mail back saying the patch didn't apply cleanly. Which is odd. Very odd.
Tuesday 15
Discovered that RIPng doesn't work the way I guessed it did, and so SendIP's RIPng support is totally useless.
Monday 14
The first of the SendIP emails started to turn up. Fortunately, no genuine problems yet. One person using sendip-2.1 on Solaris found it wouldn't compile but their email came from a nonexistant address. One on FreeBSD forgot to use gmake. Why can't people read readmes?
Sunday 13
Got up early to watch the GP. Shouldn't've bothered. Rained all day, spent most of it browsing random web sites and being totally unproductive. Tried 2.5.41 with no success.
Saturday 12
Spent all morning cleaning the car. It got covered in squished bugs last weekend, and then parked under a tree on Thursday. Still, it all came off in the end. Oil was very slightly lower than last time I checked, but that might just mean the ground is a bit slopy. Watched qualifying fomr Japan, not that it was terribly exciting. Finally, at long long last, got around to releasing sendip-2.2, well behind schedule. Prepare for the emails to begin flooding... Oh, and, erm, got around to updating my diary for the first time in ages.
Sunday 6
Went to see Grimethorpe Colliery Band concert in Cheltenham town hall. Very good concert. Nice drive there and back too except Swindon.

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