Tuesday 31/10/2000
Power, phone line and roads now appear to be functioning more-or-less as normal. Dinner at a friends tonight, so still won't actually get anything productive done.
Monday 30/10/2000
Took over an hour to get to work due to a large number of trees and lakes that appeared in the middle of the road due to last nights storms. Not impressed. Confirmed that my keyboard is definately broken, and ordered a new one. Phoneline still practially useless, and power still not entirely reliable.
Sunday 29/10/2000
Don't remember doing anything at all, but I must have done because I broke my keyboard. Oh well, such is life. Bloody big storm caused intermittent power cuts and a phone line about as reliable as a bit of string.
Saturday 28/10/2000
Trip to Alton Towers. Left here at 7am. Got there at gone 11am. Why didn't anybody realize it was the last day Alton Towers is open, and the end of half term week. We managed to get on 2 rides before we had to leave again at 4pm. Complete waste of time. Still, had an enjoyable evening with friends.
Thursday 26/10/2000
In work by 8am. Fixed everything I broke yesterday, which turned out to be rather a lot. Well, almost everything. Left about about 5:45. Got myseld a new (well, 15 year old second hand) 22" TV. For free. So obviously couldn't do anything useful all evening.
Wednesday 25/10/2000
Didn't get to work until almost half nine, but made up for it by being fairly productive all day and not leaving until about 6:45. Went straight from there to my brother's for dinner (thanks tr and co), and didn't get back until 1am
Tuesday 24/10/2000
Worked solidly from 8am to 4:30pm and achieved very close to nothing. Bugger. IPv6 patch for sendip appeared in my inbox, but I've had company all evening, so haven't had time to look at it or anytihng else. As you may or may not be able to stell by the quality of the typeing in this entry, I am not entirely sober.
Monday 23/10/2000
Microsoft networking officially blows lots and lots of goats. In persuading it to work, Lotus Notes decided to stop working. The result: nothing productive done at all all afternoon. And I didn't get home in time to go to the bank. GRRR. Somebody's sent me an email offering IPv6 support for sendip, so 1.2 might have to appear soonish. Wibble now goes LI. This is not helpful.
Sunday 22/10/2000
Ahem. I have been keeping this up to date, honest I have. Anyway, haven't done a huge amount of useful stuff since Wednesday. Watched the Malasian GP this morning. Pretty good race, considering. Finally did the sendip release (still haven't heard any more about that bug report, so I'm ignoring it). Downloaded RedHat 7.0 iso images over a 56 k modem yesterday and today. Free dialup is a Good Thing (TM) :)
Wednesday 18/10/2000
Been on a course the last couple of days, so haven't had a chance to do much. Got back at 4pm today though. Got free ISP totally working properly (except they keep dropping connections, but I guess you gets what you pays for). Caught up with a massive email backlog, not including a response from the guy who reported a possible bug in sendip.
Monday 16/10/2000
At work from 8am until almost 7pm. Too knackered to do anything useful in the evening.
Sunday 15/10/2000
Did remarkably little. Somebody has reported another possible (or even probable) bug in sendip, so the next release is postponed some more. Oakley's power supply finally gave up, so its got a new one now. Put clothes in the wardrobe.
Saturday 14/10/2000
Got woken up at 8:45 by a delivery man. Then sortof intermitently dozed until around noon, when I finally got rid of the invading hordes from last night. Took until about 5pm to clear up the mess we left at the hangover induced (ie incredibly slow) rate I did it. Assembled most of the wardrobe, at least to a state where I can use it. Fiddled with an ISP. Watched TV. Went to bed fairly early (ie not much gone midnight). Sendip release is postponed.
Friday 13/10/2000
Found another bug in he particularly evil locking code, but got it ironed out without too much hastle. Two hour lunch break on Hursley's obsticle course, meaning that I was too knackered to do anything in the afternoon, so came home around 4. By 8ish, I was bored enough to go on to IRC and say "Anybody bored and got wheels" which prompted a gathering of Oxford people to descend on my flat all evening. Got to bed at gone 5 with a living room full of people.
Thursday 12/10/2000
Think I've fixed that particularly evil locking code now. By making it even more evil. It was warm and sunny today, which is odd given that the place is meant to be flooded and getting worse. Hmm. Nothing on TV, so finally got around to doing some more sendip stuff. New release coming up real soon now. Honest.
Wednesday 11/10/2000
Spent all day working on some particularly evil locking code. It still doesn't work now, but its close... Finally got around to looking for a decent ISP, with some success.
Tuesday 10/10/2000
Later than usual start - about 9:30. Went to see Scary Movie in the evening. Fantastic film.
Monday 9/10/2000
In work at 8am again, functioning almost before the 10th coffee. Tried to write locking code. This involved thinking about it rather hard, which involved staring in to space for long periods of time, which involved being woken up by SameTime beeping at me. Oops. Went shopping. Made a Chilli From Hell (TM) in the evening, with predictable nonsober results. This left very little time for anything else. Must do something useful soon...
Sunday 8/10/2000
Up at 6am to watch the Japanese GP. Shouldn't've bothered. Spent the rest of the day too knackered to do anything useful, so did nothing useful. At all.
Saturday 7/10/2000
Didn't start functioning properly until about 2ish. Spent the afternoon visiting oxford people, before heading back home around 6ish. Spent the evening catching up on the last 2 days email, watched some TV.
Friday 6/10/2000
Arrived at work at 8. At 9:50 I discovered I was doing a Java programming competition from 10 til 3 (which turned out to be more like 4). We didn't win, but weren't last either. Came home about 4:30ish. Went up to Oxford in the evening for dinner with friends, and got supremely pissed. Stayed in Oxford overnight.
Thursday 5/10/2000
Worked 8 til 5, except for a 2 hour lunch break and an hour when I came home for my wardrobe to be delievered. Which it was. Now I just need to work out how to assemble it - it came with 2 sets of 6 screws, and there are 11 places (a set of 7 and a set of 4) that need screwing. And there are no instructions. Ho hum
Wednesday 4/10/2000
Rolled into work at about 9:30ish. Didn't get much sleep last night because it was windy. Still, managed to write a working editor after only six cups of coffee, an apple danish and a pizza. Lucky really, since it is being demoed tommorrow. Got back at about 6:15ish. Watched TV and did absolutely nothing of consequence all evening. Oakley's PSU is getting noisier. Got a phonecall to say my wardrobe will be delivered tommorrow. New version of the RIP patch for sendip - looks a lot better this time.
Tuesday 3/10/2000
Got to work at just gone 8, and back again at about 5. Didn't produce of use in between though. Discovered that I don't have a drive for the next karting event. Another evening in clearing mail. Did some more work on Oakley Linux's initscripts.
Monday 2/10/2000
Managed to get to work by 8:30am, and was functioning after only one coffee - got a couple of bugfixes and a major useability fix rolled out, and got back in time for the Simpsons. Cooked rather more dinner than I knew what to do with, so ate it anyway. Spent most of the evening reading and writing email.
Sunday 1/10/2000
Another lie in. Finished cleaning the flat. Watched TV. Did some work on Oakley Linux, mostly on the initscripts and web page
Saturday 30/09/2000
Finally had time for a lie in, so did absolutely nothing all morning. Spent the afternoon buying a TV ariel, cleaning the flat, and writing web pages (including this one). Cleared email backlog including a patch adding RIP support to sendip. The patch needs a little more work.

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