Diary September 2002

Saturday 28
Parents visited to go to band concert, and got to meet the car for the first time. Amazingly, they seem to actually like it!
Friday 20 - Sunday 22
National Brass band finals in Torquay. Great weekend, pity about the result.
Friday 13
Picked up car. Drove car. Was good.
Monday 9
Complete waste of a day. Roll on Friday.
Sunday 8
Got a cold. Did nothing.
Saturday 7
Bought a car. Photos etc to follow when I pick it up (hopefully Friday).
Friday 6
Worked. Played tennis. Watched TV. Read email.
Thursday 5
Worked. Went to band. Read email.
Wednesday 4
Worked. Played tennis. Read email.
Tuesday 3
Meetings most of the day at work. Not even exciting or important meetings. Grumpph. Was in the office just long enough to be phoned up by the MG dealer in Winchester to be told that aparently I have been given VIP treatment, which means lots of discounts on new MGs. Test drive booked for Saturday. Whee.
Monday 2
In work by 8, but not terribly productive. Spent most of the day chain-drinking coffee.
Sunday 1
Got up at 6am to go to Alton Towers, via Bristol. Eventually got in just before noon. Air was excellent, everytihng else was as good as usual. Lots of queues - the last day of school holidays probably wasn't the optimal day. Didn't get out again until gone 8pm, then got stuck in a traffic jam on the M6 until we spotted a helpful lorry that knew a way around. Got to Bristol not much gone 11, and back home by just gone 1. Nearly hit a suicidal deer that thought the grass on the central reservation of the M4 would be nice.

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