Diary August 2002

Saturday 31
Randomly went punting. Ended up sitting in a pub in oxford until nearly closing time, so didn't get back until gone midnight, which wasn't helpful.
Friday 30
Worked. Did a bit more sendip stuff.
Thursday 29
Worked. Played tennis. Watched Rat Race - absolutely hilarious.
Wednesday 28
Work got rather hectic due to incompetent developers, so didn't get a whole lot else done.
Tuesday 27
Back to work. Blergh. Did shopping, watched TV, read email. No more progress on sendip.
Monday 26
Recovery mode. Slept. Did a band thing (not good). Discovered that sendip's invalid argument problem on FreeBSD isn't as fixed as I thought it was. GRR. Fixed another sendip bug that caused tcp length to get miscalculated. Watched most of the Simpsons top 10.
Saturday 24/Sunday 25
Housewarming! (Er, yeah, I know its a bit late...). Didn't rain, so a BBQ (or two) was had. And a small bonfire. Er. And, um stuff. Was good.
Friday 23
Day off work. Mowed some of the lawn, went shopping.
Wednesday 21
Worked too much. Watched TV. Confused my laptop by attempting to swap two partitions with no loss of data. Didn't lose any data, but the partition table no longer makes a whole lot of sense. Ho hum. The lawn needs mowing again *already*. May have fixed yesterday's sendip bug. while(*(q++)!=':');*q='\0'; is not a good thing to do, Richard.
Tuesday 20
Worked. Discovered that the "temporary" move I made 9 months ago is likely to become permanent. Played tennis. Got a sendip bug report that looks genuine and a bugger to fix. Bah.
Monday 19
Worked. Played tennis. Went to band.
Sunday 18
Mowed some of the lawn again. Watched Hungarian GP.
Saturday 17
Got up stupidly early for a Saturday, and went punting in Oxfrod. Should've been a 10am start, but turned into at 10:45am start by the time everyone else had been late. Got very hot, fairly wet, and a bit knackered. Had a stupidly big lunch in the RA, then spend the afternoon doing incredibly little. Was nice. Caught up with mail yet again.
Friday 16
See yesterday again. This is getting boring.
Thursday 15
Er. See yesterday.
Wednesday 14
Worked. Ate. Watched TV. Slept. There, wasn't that fun.
Tuesday 13
Got a key to my new office. Actually did some productive work between reading email and catching up with missed newsgroups. The evening was a bit of a write-off though, due to being extremely knackered after only 3 hours sleep last night. Ho hum.
Monday 12
Back to work, to discover that I'd moved office while on holiday. Most of my stuff had been moved, and nobody was occupying my old office so I managed to retrieve everything. Spent the day reading work email. Watched shooting stars.
Sunday 11
Discovered that the webcam broke last time I upgraded the kernel. This turns out to be because the USB interface has changed yet again. GRR. Got the module to insert by educated guesswork, but it still didn't work. It looks like the interface has changed enough that a rewrite is probably going to be needed, but of course, there are no docs. This can wait until the USB interface settles down a bit though, so no webcam for a while. Upgraded to 2.5.31, for the sake of it, but JFS is too broken for now.
Saturday 10
Wrote some more of my networkin