Diary August 2001

Wednesday 22
Almost finished unpacking, despite working a 12 hour day.
Tuesday 21
Got as far as getting oakley to boot.
Monday 20
Started unpacking. Hosted a work experience student. Well, sortof.
Sunday 19
Finished moving house. Bleugh more.
Saturday 18
Started moving house. Bleugh.
Tuesday 7 - Friday 17
Must've happened. But I don't remember it.
Monday 6
Lots of fun at work. Code Red got inside the firewall and started spreading round the intranet, rather rapidly. So they pulled the connection from Hursley to the outside world (including our mail servers, IM servers, etc etc) at 9am and didn't put it back until 5pm. Most of the time in between was spent finding infected boxes and patching them. As far as productive work went, almost none happened. This is written in vi, hence the HTML is ugly. This is because emacs has broken in a most bizarre way. Hohum.
Sunday 5
Got up at about 3pm. Played tennis. Went back to bed.
Saturday 4
Went for a walk in the new forest. Unfortunately, the weather decided this would be a good time to chuck it down.
Friday 3
Tenancy agreement arrived, along with a bill for 500 quid to be paid in cash or by banker's draft before 11th. Spent the morning reading the tenancy agreement. It is self contradictory. Managed to get a bankers draft. Now I need to go and sign the agreement. In the middle of southampton. Funfunfun. Collected a table for a friend, but couldn't be arsed to carry it up stairs, so it is staying in the back of the car until he collects it, which could be a while.
Thursday 2
Got a fax about the house, needing all sorts of random information. That wasted almost the entire afternoon. Had to fax it back, which proved remarkably complicated due to our fax machine being broken. Ended up doing it from home with some random software. It worked, aparently.
Wednesday 1
Weather was a bit cloudier, but still too hot. Wasn't as productive as yesterday, and spent half the afternoon wibbling about house things. They want to charge me 100 quid administration fee. Bloody rip off.

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