Diary July 2001

Monday 30, Tuesday 31
Managed to do a ridiculous amount of work by starting at 7am due to being unable to sleep as it was so damn hot. Clocked up about 20 man days of billable work in 2 days.
Sunday 29
See yesterday
Saturday 28
Hot and sunny. Went to the new forest. Played tennis. Did nothing productive
Friday 27
In meetings all day, mostly at the pub. Not terribly productive.
Thursday 26
Went to London. Meeting wasn't quite as boring as I expected, but I wouldn't say I enjoyed it. At all. Still, got back by 3:30 and didn't go back in to work.
Wednesday 25
Discovered a rather critical bug in the code we are bascially going to demonstrate tommorrow. Forunately fixed it, too. Arm seems to have recovered.
Tuesday 24
Managed to get the AIX laptop to do something useful. It is called pimento - not my choice. Something very wrong with my right arm. It hurts, and won't lift things up. Played tennis with it anyway, which was probably very silly.
Monday 23
Discovered I'm going to have to go to London on Thursday. Ick. Arms still ache after yesterday, especially the right one.
Sunday 22
Went punting in Oxfrod. Extracted a shopping trolley from the Cherwell. This was amazingly hard work.
Monday 16 - Friday 20
Work, mostly on image processing stuff for HMLR. Sorted out where to live in August. Now all I need is somewhere to keep all my furniture and stuff. Got a new toy - an ancient PowerPC based laptop sortof running AIX. Got it booting just about.
Sunday 15
British GP. Boring.
Saturday 14
Band at a school fete. It rained. We got wet. Then we moved indoors for a while. Then it stopped, so we moved back out. Went to the pub with work people in the evening and got significantly pissed
Friday 13
Spent 300 quid getting car serviced, getting new front brakes and new front tyres. Comments like "You must drive it fairly hard" by the kwik fit mechanic did not help. At all.
Thursday 12
For some reason I don't fully understand, I let random people stick needles in me. They then told me not to do anything strenous, so I didn't. In fact, didn't really do very much at all. Fiddled a bit with opium.
Wednesday 11
Released sendip-2.0-pre1, after some complications involving glibc's getopt being a bit wierd. Assuming not bugs, 2.0 will be out by the end of the week. Tried to get help2man to write a man page for it, but failed.
Tueday 10
Spent most of the day hacking sendip. Expect a release RSN. Went up to Oxford for a BBQ in the evening entirely at random. Got back about 1am.
Monday 9
Went to the dentist, which was a complete waste of time. Drove home. Caught up on email.
Sunday 8
Played again. Lip went rather too quickly due to sunburn. Drove to Cheltenham to see parents and, breifly brother.
Saturday 7
Left Majorca at 4am, having been delayed 2 hours by italian air traffic controllers being on strike. Drove home after consuming plenty of caffiene. Spent the day trying not to fall asleep.
Sunday 1 to Friday 6
In Majorca, without internet access. Didn't update diary.

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