Diary June 2002

Monday 10
Finally got around to booking a holiday, although not until late July as that is the first time I actually have a free week. Work was tedious and annoying today. Ho hum.
Saturday 8
New front brake pads took most of the day trying to find somewhere that had them in stock. Weather still foul.
Wednesday 5 - Friday 7
Back to work. Groan. Mostly just caught up with American's email.
Tuesday 4
Another day of doing pretty much nothing. Did some more sendip stuff, tried 2.5.20 with some success.
Monday 3
The thistles have died. At least, most of them have. Cold and wet today, made a bit of a change from yesterday. Watch the Queen's Golden Jubilee party on TV, as it was really quite good and I couldn't be arsed to do anything more productive.
Sunday 2
Cleared most of the mail backlog that's been building up while oakley was down, so if you're expecting a reply and haven't got it, resend. Band in the afternoon was horribly hot. Put 5 litres of weed killer onto thistles. Hopefully they will all die.
Saturday 1
Well, OK, not *entirely* today... Oakley is now back up. Has been for about a week, in fact. The problem was a blown motherboard. The replacement motherboard was also broken in much the same way. Oakley and bounce have now been merged into one bigbastard dual booting box, but this is oprobably only a temporary state until I get a new 'doze box, probably a laptop.
During the time I haven't been updating this diary, I've moved house, and changed job (to a different dept in IBM, so nothing substantial. I've also worked some stupidly long hours. Hence not having time to fix oakley or update this diary.
Still, normal service should be resumed as of now...
Spent most of the day on the beach being a lazy arse.

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