Diary May 2001

Tuesday 15
Failed to be productive again. There just are not enough hours in the day to be useful. Grr.
Monday 14
Very uneventful day, all things considered. Don't think it actually rained as such, but certainly gave the impression it wanted to.
Sunday 13
Felt better. Managed to eat some food. Got sunburnt. Then the sun went in and now it is raining, so things are about back to normal. Bit too knackered to be seriously productive though. Waste of the first (and by the looks of it, quite possibly the last) decent w/e of the year. Ho hum. Absolutely fantastic grand prix.
Saturday 12
Spent most of the day being ill. This is not good. In fact, did almost exactly nothing all day.
Friday 11
Uninspiring week. Left work at 3:30 due to feeling a little ill. Coincidentally, this is almost exactly when the sun came out. Did some stuff on sendip. Broke my sunglasses. Bitclean's DNS now works, as does its mail. This is good.
Sunday 6
Band thingy playing at a gardening festival (Now there's sometihng I never knew existed until today) at Rockley Manor. Bloody freezing. Finally got around to sending off the application form for my new driving license after managing to find a place that did passport photos. 3 quid that costs, which seems like a lot of a rip off to me. Paid 183 quid electricity bill (ouch). Hacked sendip-2 some more. It might even be prereleasable soon. Maybe. Bitclean's (www.bitclean.com) DNS appears to be broken. This might well be my fault.
Saturday 5
Got heaven hosted. Yay. All seems to be working at the moment. Got quite lost trying to get back out of the middle of London without a map or any clear idea where I might be trying to get to, but managed it in the end. Went over quite a pretty blue bridge on the way. The car did not enjoy the experience of London driving any more than the driver.
Friday 4
Left work at about 3:30pm because everyone else had gone home and it was too nice and sunny to do anything useful anyway. Discovered that dispite being sunny it was cold and windy. Typical. Finished setting up heaven (heaven.on.earth.li) for tommorrow.
Tuesday 1
Bought new wheel trims after they got nicked while the car was outside the pub for 20 minutes last night. Now the wheels are all shiny which just makes the rest of the car look even dirtier. Grr.

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