Diary April 2002

Tuesday 16
Oakley died, hence no more diary updates until it is fixed
Monday 15
Worked a nice, productively long day at work. This will be made up for later in the week. Just about handled the days emails as well, but didn't try 2.5.8 yet.
Sunday 14
Got up, watched GP (which wasn't really worth watching), drove home, caught up on email, went back to bed.
Saturday 13
Got up, watched qualifying, went to Oxford for a pubmeet followed by ISZ Christmas dinner. Got to bed about 4am.
Friday 12
Got rid of some more of my inbox. Dealt with the sendip stuff that was easy, but not the sendip stuff that required thought. That might happen tommorrow, maybe.
Thursday 11
Spent the morning vidoeing a meeting and the afternoon reinstalling the machine that was meant to be doing video capture. Ho hum. Went shopping. Made a start on my inbox. There seem to be quite a lot of sendip bits in there - I'll get round to them soon...
Wednesday 10
Actually did some useful stuff at work. Played tennis after work, so still didn't do anything useful later. My inbox is growing.
Tuesday 9
Erm, see yesterday, but without the pub bit.
Monday 8
Wasn't terribly productive at work, for obvious reasons. Survived the day on caffiene. Went to the pub for continued celebrations in the evening.
Sunday 7
Up at 5:30 for a band contest. We all thought we played really badly. However, we appear to have been wrong as we won. Rather a lot of alcohol was consumed. Got home around 10pm significantly the worse for wear and extremely knackered.
Saturday 6
Must've happened.
Friday 5
Got in to work early, aiming to leave early and spend a relaxing afternoon doing very little at home. Unfortunately, somebody drove in to somebody else in the contraflow on the M27 at 2:30ish with the result that getting home from work took nearly 2 hours thereby destroying my nice early afternoon. GRR.
Wednesday 3
Coffee machine at work broke and ended up being in free vend mode for most of the day, before they fixed it. Hence rather too much coffee was consumed. Actually got a remarkable amount of work done between coffees though. Whether's gone back to being warm and sunny again.
Tuesday 2
Back to work. Bleugh. Managed to have an almost entirely unproductive day trying to figure out what I was doing before easter.
Monday 1
Lunch supplied by parents, and very nice it was too. Caught up with email a bit. Played StarCraft.

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