Diary April 2001

Found an extremely evil bug in somebody else's code. Unfortunately it is kindof my job to fix it. This is going to proove interesting I suspect. Snowed, in between bouts of lovely warm sunshine. The weather is quite definately broken.
Learnt PDF.
Tuesday 17
Caught up with work email and news, cancelled work karting trip 'cos hardly anyone wanted to go. Muttregrumble.
Monday 16
Watched some TV, generally felt dodhy. Didn't do anything significantly productive.
Sunday 15
GP was not terribly exciting, but the result was good enough. Should be a very interesting season. Postfixized heaven with no problems. Went to bed early due to feeling shit.
Saturday 14
Absolutely fantastic qualifying session. Played with postfix, and liked what I found.
Friday 13
Finished spring cleaning. Made a chilli using the extremely hot chilli sauce I was given yesterday. It was extremely impressive. And rather tasty.
Thursday 12
Went to visit parent. Got given 3 varieties of chilli sauce, which will be sampled over the next few days. One of them says "CAUTION: Comotoze heat levels". Sounds interesting.
Wednesday 11
Started spring cleaning the flat. This is going to take a significant amount of time.
Sunday 8
Morning in bed again. Fixed the TV by turning all the gun voltages up to maximum. This probably isn't safe. But it works. Discovered that trying to make menuconfig over nfs is a complete disaster. Started converting oakley to reiser and jfs properly. Got an evil sore throat.
Saturday 7
Spent the morning in bed and the afternoon failing to replace the water pump on a mini in Benson. TV is now completely unwatchable rather than mostly unwatchable.
Friday 6
Started organizing department karting trip. Home before 5pm. Did some more sendip stuff, but not a great deal.
Thursday 5
Demo to developers ie people who actually have a vague clue. Mostly only a vague clue though, unfortunately. Still much more worthwhile than the last 2 days. Got a backdated payrise. *bounce*
Wednesday 4
See Tuesday 3
Tuesday 3
Demo to customers. Almost worked most of the time. Home before 6pm. Caught up on some of last week's email and a little of last week's sleep.
Monday 2
Capture card we need for tommorrow's presentation arrived. Spent all day trying to get it working. It seems that the PCI bus in a thinkpad docking bay is bridged off the PCMCIA bus (which is sensible, if you think about it). The delay introduced by this is enough that the MPEG capture card gets confused and won't work. Gah.
Sunday 1
Band contest. Came 8th of 16. Not good. Didn't get back home until nearly midnight.

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