Diary March 2002

Saturday 23
Collected a large desk so I'll be able to have almost as many monitors as machines once we move into a big enough house. Managed to make 2.5.7 work. With devfs and alsa, no less.
Friday 22
Erm. Yeah.
Thursday 21
This is getting repetitive.
Wednesday 20
Grumpph. Same again.
Tuesday 19
Er. See yesterday. Only 12 hours today though.
Monday 18
Worked rather too much again.
Sunday 17
Got up just in time to watch the repeat of the Malasian GP. Wasn't really worth it. Played Civ. Watched random junk on TV.
Saturday 16
Got up. Spent a few hours under a friend's mini trying to change the teardrop thingies that hold the front subframe to the body. Failed because the back bolts weren't going to budge easily and if they'd sheared we'd've had an unattatched engine to deal with. Went out for dinner at a Chinese in Winchester, all you can eat for 16.99. Very good it was too. Got back in about 3am.
Friday 15
Payed 200 quid and signed a bit of paper, thereby committing us to move into cool house (subject to references). Housemate had a party so the house is full of somewhat pissed people (myself included).
Thursday 14
Worked stupid hours due to a random API change and everything going tits up. Did very little else.
Wednesday 13
Worked. We got the house! Played Civ.
Tuesday 12
Worked. Played Civ. Phoned up about the house, but was told we might not be able to have it as they want to put a family in it. Grr.
Monday 11
Looked over the house at lunchtime. It is nice, but needs some work, although the landlord said they would pay for that, so we're probably going to take it. Played Civ.
Saturday 9
Didn't manage to go and look over the house we were meant to because (according to the letting agent) the landlord's wife got taken ill. So, we're going to see it Monday lunchtime instead. Bought a mother'sday card (yeah, I know I'm leaving it late). Band concert in Winchester. Got back not entirely sober...
Friday 8
Wooooooooohooo! Got a cheque for 350 quid from my insurance company. The guy that drove into me just before Christmas finally admitted fault. The guy from work, henceforth known as Nigel, came to look at the house. His wife did not seem too impressed.
Thursday 7
Found a potential new place to live. If it is as nice as it sounds, it is verrrry nice. We shall see.
Wednesday 6
Bought a second hand sound card for bounce, and put oakley's back. Everything actually appears to be working. Got a bonus, so went to the pub for dinner. The plot thickens regarding houses - our landlord is selling it because he's getting divorced. But somebody at work is considering buying it - to let it out. Which almost definately doesn't help us, but it might, possibly.
Tuesday 5
Worked a lot. Got two months notice from the letting agent to move out, so spent the evening idly househunting online. And playing quake and quake2...
Monday 4
Worked. Rather a lot.
Sunday 3
Slept. Moved ancient soundblaster from oakley to bounce and reinstalled win98. This worked, so spent the rest of the day reinstalling games and playing them just to make sure.
Saturday 2
Installed win2k on bounce to see if that helps. It fixed the sound, but now none of the games will run. It looks as though DirectX for Windows 2000 does not support my graphics card. GRR. Watched Australian GP, which really was quite impressively good.
Friday 1
Left work at 3:30 due to an excessive (team wide) attack of laziness. Spent the afternoon trying to make bounce go. Eventually got sound working fine except it doesn't work in any games by deleting the sound card entry from the registry and reinstalling drivers. Reinstalling drivers again hangs the machine, and resintalling directX does nothing. Met my brother's fiance's brother. Watched Australian GP qualifying, which wasn't really terribly exciting.

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