Diary Febuary 2001

Wednesday 28
Worked much the same hours as yesterday. Even more knackered. Its bloody freezing, too. Tried to compile X, but discovered this would involve upgrading glibc, probably, which I couldn't face. Ho hum.
Tuesday 27
At work from 8:30ish am to gone 7:30 pm. Fixed DNS for my flat. Got very pissed off with engaged tones from Freeserve. They really are totally incompetant. Oh well. Too knackered to do anything else of interest.
Monday 26
At work from 8am to 6pm. Thinky is now call DeepThought, and runs Win2k instead of WinNT. All because of a trashed boot sector and a broken recovery disk. Still, it is probably better in the long run even if it is a pain in the butt. Knackered, but went to band anyway. Even more knackered afterwards. Ho hum.
Sunday 25
Became concious. Had a nice indian lunch in Jamals. Drove home. Vegitated.
Saturday 24
Spent morning in bed and the afternoon in Oxford. Discovered that Mario Party is really quite cool. Dinner in the evening with oxford people. Much fun and alcohol involved.
Friday 23
Finally fixed laptop. Worked some more. 100Mbit hub arrived, so my flat is now talking a mixture of 100BaseT (oakley, thinky), 10BaseT (bounce, and wibble if wibble were working) and BNC (well, sarah and wibble, if either were on). This appears to work. Caught up with some of a pile of paperwork that has accumulated in my flat. Went to band practice in Micklemersh.
Thursday 22
Worked. Laptop started misbehaving in a nasty way, complaining about missing entry points in MSVCRT.DLL. Spent far more time fixing in that I could afford to. Arse.
Wednesday 21
Worked. Went out for dinner with mother, borther and brother's girlf, despite the fact that sitting is painful.
Tuesday 20
Found out what I am meant to be doing at work, and did some of it. It is very dangerous, in that it is very interesting and could potentially suck and infinite amount of time. Crashed 2.4.1. Went karting. Crashed. Got nasty bruises.
Monday 19
Woke up at 11:30am. Had brunch. Finished unpacking. Went to estate agent to renew the tenancy on my flat. Got to work about 3:30pm, and left again around 6:30 having done nothing but catch up on gossip in between. Failed to fall asleep at a sensible time. Body clock is broken. Gah. Installed 2.4.1 on oakley and it appears to work. Didn't quite pluck up the courage to upgrade pppd.
Saturday and Sunday 17 and 18
Combined sine it is not at all obvious where to put the border. Finished packing. Left hotel. Went to airport. Got a plane earlier than the one I was meant to get, which was good because they were all running an hour late and I would've missed the connection. Got the connection. Managed to gain an hour somewhere. TV system on the plane crashed in the middle, and ended up thinking LA was on GMT. My luggage was not lost. My taxi turned up (although it wasn't the one I ordered 'cos his wife broke her leg or sommat). Got home. Bought some food. Car is still broken. Er. That's about it really.
Friday 16
Tidied up the rest of the office, finished up bits and thingamies. Got taken to a place called "The King & I" off Monterey Road for lunch. Thai food, cooked by a Thai person, and absolutely delicious. There is something delightfully amusing about American's reactions to hot food...
Thursday 15
Got two emails, both requiring about a days work to be done by tommorrow morning. Fortunately one of them could be kludged in a couple of hours. Why is it that I am here for 6 weeks and all the work arrives in the last 3 days. Ho hum. Destroyed most of the paper pile.
Wednesday 14
Got an email other than the one we were promised yesterday, which generated a frenzied burst of activity.
Tuesday 13
Discovered that yesterdays meeting was not as productive as we thought. Had another equally unproductive one in the morning. In the afternoon, had a meeting which landed us with what sounds like it will be a heck of a lot of extra work, with only 2 days to do it. And we can't start until we get an email. Ho hum.
Monday 12
You may notice a missing w/e. Thats because it rained/snowed, and I had a cold, so nothing interesting happened. Which was a shame, seeing as it wsa my last w/e over here. Anyway, back to today. Went to a meeting which was moderately productive. Signed up for another ISP. Almost all the snow visible from the office melted.
Friday 9
Got sent home at 11am because our project is basically done until further notice. Cool. Did some shopping.
Thursday 8
Got an email saying that the Keble Maths Black Tie Dinner will not be in keble. This shows complete selfishness on the part of all the second years (with the possible exception of thoses that did eventually organize something), and is seriously pathetic. Still, I guess at least they managed to invite us. Not impressed. Achieved very little in due to people not replying to emails, being at meetings, being ill and generally not being in the right place at the right time. Think I might be getting a cold. GRR.
Wednesday 7
Found a problem with the new opium package format, but then became temporarily convinced it doesn't matter. The problem being that if foo depends on (a&b)|(c&d) you have to use a provides and jump through some hoops. You can do it though. Oh, probably did some work at some point, too. Lunch was described as a turkey caserrole, but was in fact a strange and fairly tasteless sloppy thing. Oh well.
Tuesday 6
Rewrote some of the package file format for opium, and webified it. This page is likely to move in the not too distant future, and the link is not likely to be updated. A rather nasty bruise appears to be developing on my right foot. Broke xemacs' html mode.
Monday 5
Length discussion on IRC about opium. Well, not entirely. RedHotAnt made me laugh. Their 0845 number has stopped working as well now, so they sent an email to all their users containing usernames and passwords to dial up to a list of other ISPs. Ho hum.
Friday 2
Put back the done we got rid of yesterday and gave it a partner. The paper mountain grew. Kindof ran out of things to do temporarily so left work at around 4:30.
Thursday 1
Removed one of the big red dones from the wall after discovering a whole pile of information that meant it wasn't as done as we thought. Not even nearly. Bugger.
Tiger Shark is cool. Classical IP over ATM isn't. LANE is much nicer. They are forecasting temperatures in the mid 70s for the w/e, which would be nice. Unfortunately, they were also forecasting no cloud today, and it is quite definately cloudy. Ho hum.

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