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Jenny Baker - The Student's Vegetarian Cookbook (faber and faber)

ISBN 0-571-19038-3 (paperback)

First published in 1986; this new edition first published in 1997.

A very nice little book; well worth a look, even for experienced cooks. I kept this out of the library almost as long as I was allowed to, since it's useful for inspiration when you want to cook something quick and easy.

The recipes offer a lot of leeway with ingredients - for example, the basic tomato sauce comes with the suggestion of adding nuts, pulses, Quorn, soya mince or tofu, and is then used in cottage pie, stuffed pitta bread, spaghetti bolognese, stuffed pancakes, moussaka and other dishes. I particularly liked the chapter on sandwiches.

Not all of the recipes are vegan; but a vegan student or other beginning cook will definitely get a lot of use out of this book.

10 April 1998
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