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Who I am

Just in case you didn't know already, my name is Ganesh Sittampalam. I live in Oxford Cambridge St Neots and waste lots of time playing with computers.

As for appearances, I'm 6 feet 6 inches tall, I look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and there are big pink elephants flying around your head.

Actually I'm about 5'10". In case I am prosecuted by the European Union for using old units, this is 1.78m (strange as it may seem, rules imposed by the EU make it an offence to label goods in the UK in non-metric units.) On the other hand, I probably violate EU regulations for being under the requisite weight for a human being anyway...

What I do

Workwise, I'm an Associate working for Credit Suisse's Global Modelling and Analytics Group. I used to be a Compiler Engineer for ARM, and before that I was a Research Officer in the Programming Tools Group at the Computing Laboratory in Oxford, working with Professor Oege de Moor. My most recent project there was the abc AspectJ compiler.

I used to be a student at Magdalen College, also in Oxford, doing a DPhil looking at Intentional Programming, an attempt to formulate program design techniques in terms of "intentions". I was supervised by Oege for this, and was funded by Microsoft Research. I spent two periods (of two and three months respectively) working in Redmond as an intern on Intentional Programming.

You can find a few more details of my research on this page.

Other things I'm involved in

I'm a sysadmin for the Oxford University Computer Society and also, just to confuse you, a founder member of Keble Computer Society.

I can often be found hanging around on OxIRC and I'm an earthling.

I used to read Oxnet far too much and post to it occasionally, but I don't so much now.

I used to live in Marston, and in between my house and my department was a cycle path that is rather prone to flooding. Consequently, I wrote this.

I also run munchkin, my own linux box and urchin with a couple of friends. Also on the linux front, I'm a vaguely active member of the not-so-newly formed OxLUG.

Thanks to the RIP bill (see here), I'm torn between emigrating and taking up astronomy as a hobby.

I worry about nasty chemicals.

In the past (in no real order)

Just in case you get the impression that I'm sane, note that I've been treasurer, president and dead hand of the Oxford Guild of Assassins. Note that this isn't the drinking society!

I was a member of the MCR Committee at Magdalen.

I did the MSc in Computation at Oxford.

I did a BSc in Mathematics at the University of Surrey.

I helped to organise Linux '99, a conference run by the UKUUG, and the 2001 and 2002 OxLUG installfests.

I went on the LBW 2000 at and around Coniston, in the Lake District.

I competed in the 28th International Physics Olympiad in Sudbury, Ontario. Their homepage seems to have gone away.

I went to King's College School, Wimbledon. Before that I went to Surbiton Prep School (though it was called Arundel House School when I started there), St. Martin's School, Bournemouth, and Sanderstead Junior School. Don't expect to find anything interesting on any of those sites, though.

Things I like

Well, strangely enough, I quite like computers. In fact, I don't seem to do much else with my time, but I'm a well-balanced individual, really.

For UNIX people, just in case the above doesn't classify me enough, my favourite editor is pico -w and my favourite mailer is pine... I use Debian.

Japanese railway design.

UK Government emergency preparation advice.

The Haskell Cabal.

The Lyneham Village website (it's actually pretty ugly, but it managed to piss of a rival webmaster so much he tried to get an ABSO taken out against the owner, which has got to count for something...)

Things I think are important

Civil liberties (General UK stuff, Liberty, ACLU, EFF)

Current Affairs, Politics and the Law

Animal testing Vivisection

Good URI selection (I'm often guilty of not doing this myself, though)

Things I dislike

Religion (I'll write a page explaining why soon, honest; in the meantime, this seems to summarise my views quite well.

Criminal "activists" (Trident Ploughshares) and terrorist supporters(Sinn Fein)

Climate change. Boycott Esso!


Broken sites: ECN blocking and RFC ignorant.

NTL and their crap customer service.


This miserable failure.

Israel's treatment of the Palestinians



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Useful (to me at any rate) Links

Linux stuff: Kernel mailing list summaries and archives.

Windows stuff: NT FAQ

Random stuff: The Electronic Frontier Foundation, Today's Userfriendly, BBC News, wibble, French military victories. (from the Jargon File), Oxford Guide

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Other random facts

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Apparently I'm a:

Cliquey Geek Prof Heffalump

Prof Heffalump

Soundtrack to your life:
Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene

Favourite website:

Write a PERL script to do it

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