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RFC 1149

This standard reflects a growing need for wireless transmission. Field trials have been completed in Norway .

RFC 2322

An amazingly practical solution to a technical problem, dreamed up by a load of computer programmers. I have used this protocol at the LBW 2000 , and it worked really well. However I forgot to release my IP, and it is somewhere in my laptop bag. This leads the protocol to being best for short-term networks, based on private IP blocks.

RFC 2795

A discussion of protcols required for the management and care of an infinite typing pool of monkeys. I have not seen any practical implementations, except for possibly Barbara Cartland.

RFC 3252

A method of encoding IPV4 packets in XML. This enables cross-platform compatability and lagacy integration support for networking. Let us hope that this will enable IPV4 support for mainframes, via the flexability of XML.