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Index plugin

When writing my People page, and serveral others. I wanted an bit of introduction to be included before all of the content on the page.

I was browsing the writebacks of the blosxom page, when I saw this

In some places I would like to be able to make an index.txt file that would then replace the automatic folder index that blosxom generates when it renders the txt files. Is this possible? To clarify, say I have /www/datadir/some/folder/index.txt and blosxom statically renders to /www/site/. When I look at, I want to see my rendered index.txt, not the blosxom index.

This is similar to what I had hacked up, so I thought I would give it a go as my first plugin.

The plugin can be downloaded here . And I welcome feedback to the email address in the plugin.


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