CD details for A Kind of Magic

TitleA Kind of Magic
Length (minutes)53:35
Number of tracks12
CDDB entry revision28
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Number Title Artist Length (minutes)
1 One Vision Queen 5:11
2 A Kind of Magic Queen 4:24
3 One Year of Love Queen 4:27
4 Pain is so Close to Pleasure Queen 4:22
5 Friends will be Friends Queen 4:07
6 Who Wants to Live Forever Queen 5:17
7 Gimme the Prize Queen 4:34
8 Don't Lose Your Head Queen 4:38
9 Princes of the Universe Queen 3:33
10 A Kind of 'A Kind of Magic' Queen 3:37
11 Friends will be Friends will be Friends... Queen 5:58
12 Forever Queen 3:20